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“Getting Information Off the Internet is Like Taking a Drink From a Fire Hydrant.”   

Mitchell Kapor


What is Vision Launch Media?

Vision Launch Media is your gateway into the world of alternative media. We are a curated discovery platform for free-speech and independent thought. We use alternative sourced information to increase public awareness of crucial issues. Our goal is to help neutralize the corporate media’s dominance over our culture & our nation’s collective consciousness.


Accelerate The Great Awakening 

There is a great awakening happening in our country, mainly due to the alternative media. We are on the precipice of a new paradigm, but the outcome is uncertain. Our goal is for this new paradigm to be based on freedom and liberty. Still, we’re up against powerful forces who are suppressing or outright censoring independent thought and seeking to exert further control over the population. One of the biggest challenges we face in uniting our nation against this threat is the corporate media’s dominance over the national narrative and our culture.

Corporate Media Alternative

There are only a few corporations that control almost all of the media content America consumes. The online media world is just as centralized. The largest social media sites dominate the internet and continue to ramp up their censorship campaign on free speech. We want to help circumvent this dangerous monopoly (in our small way) by providing a central platform that makes it easy to find alternative media sources (most of which are being censored). By doing so, we hope to help provide a much-needed counter-balance to the corporate media’s dominance over our nation’s collective consciousness. The truth is, the corporate media is weaponized infotainment meant to control us.

Restore Freedom in America

Our mission is to promote individual freedom in all of its various forms, with a strong emphasis on free speech. We encourage critical thinking by presenting alternative information and independent media sources that are helping expand the collective consciousness, not control it. We are living under the illusion of freedom and have literally become slaves to a corrupt and inefficient system of control that is not very obvious to most people. Our goal is to help expose this perverse and rapacious system for all to see. Awareness of the real underlying causes of our problems is the first step to creating meaningful reform.

Freedom Transcends All of Our Petty Differences

The corporate media have misled our nation and divided our people with their divisive narrative and lies. We want to help unite people with truth and strive for true individual freedom. Freedom is universal and transcends gender, race, politics, and all of our other petty differences. We want to reach out to new mainstream audiences and win hearts & minds by helping to shed light on important issues that affect everyone. We strongly oppose censorship and believe that freedom of speech and diversity of thought is essential to freedom itself.

We must be free to question everything we see and hear because nothing is as it seems. Come join us down the internets digital rabbit hole.

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Vision Launch Media is a global discovery platform for free-speech and independent thought. We use alternative sourced information to increase awareness of crucial issues. We want to help neutralize the corporate media’s dominance over our nation’s collective consciousness & promote critical thinking.

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